Here at Austerlitz Shepherds we are big believers in Paying It Forward and helping others just as others have helped us.

To that end we have a wide variety of educational resources for all types of dog lovers, professionals, and caregivers.

Most of those resources are freely available, some are located on Facebooks in Groups, and some are detailed courses available in our Thinkific Classroom through Clickety Split Dog Training.

  1. Our litter box training for puppies blog is one of the most popular pages on the website. The forerunner of our full featured course and support group Poop School.
  2. The most visited page by far, Crate Conditioning For Puppies: An Incremental Approach. If you care for litters of puppies and want an effective crate conditioning protocol that is in the spirt of LIMA this is for you!
  3. Got Fussy Puppies? Here ya go!
  4. Breeder Basics: Hip Dysplasia, Are you using the OFA Best Practices?

8. People can’t buy puppies they cannot find, do you want to be found?
9. Back To Basics: Preparing for your first litter.
10. When Bad Things Happen To Good Breeders: Boomerang Dogs, Gifts Gone Wrong, Parvo
11. How to select puppies for clients.
12. Why poop?
13. Sibling Syndrome and raising Spectacular Siblings.

Want to learn more about keeping your dog, or puppies, calm and happy?
1. Pupcicles! Easy Frozen Treat.
2. Basic Kong Stuffing for any type of pacifier.
3. Kong Stuffing: Pumpkin Spice
4. Kong Stuffing: Quick and Easy

  1. Put together a training bag for classes or travel.
  2. New Puppy? Visit Welcome Home Puppy
  3. Counter Surfing, Prevention and behavior modification.
  4. Puppy Biting: Be Nice
  5. Raising Littermates and sibling syndrome.
  6. Management is magic!
  7. Product Recommendations for Management.
  8. Balancing virus exposure and socialization.
  1. Good Breeder Basics: What to ask about Hip Dysplasia before you buy a puppy.
  2. Do you want a dog aggressive dog?
  3. Finding a good breeder: Here, Here, Here
  4. Is a German Shepherd right for you?
  5. Am I ready for a puppy?
  6. Puppies first fireworks experience
  1. Why good training doesn’t equal good temperament.
  2. Dog Aggression and it’s euphemism, Dog Selective.
  3. Is a German Shepherd right for you?