Summer 2019 Litters

If you might be interested in a puppy from one of these two litters please Contact Us to inquire.


J Litter: 

Sire: Kiro v haus Vierra Bh GPr1 IPG1 (High In Trial, High In Trial: Tracking, High In Trial: Protection) AKC Canine Good Citizen, CGC Advanced, CGC Urban OFA Good, Normal, DM Normal/Normal

Dam: Babsy v. Littlehaus OFA Good, Normal, DM Normal/Normal

Birth Date: June 6, 2019
Send Home Date: August 17, 2019
Females: 1 black factored black and red, 1 Red Sable

Babsy was bred to Kiro early April and her litter will be ready for new homes mid August.

Babsy is a proven producer of excellent progeny, her puppies are outgoing and confident dogs with a medium energy level and a good balance of social, food, and play drive to make training fun.   These puppies will be great companions for active families who also have an interest in training.

We are expecting beautiful puppies, upper medium plus in size, strong bone, and good structure.   Black factored Black and red (bi color) and red (saddled marked) sables are possible.  Puppies will be DM clear by parentage.

K Litter: 

Sire: Bronte z Rodina Straze OFA

Dam: Luna von der burg Austerlitz Bh IPO 1 (High In Trial, High In Trial: Tracking) OFA

Dates of Interest:
Date of Birth: June 10, 2019
Males: 1 Black Factored Black and Red.
Females: 1 Black Factored Black and Red, 3 Solid Black
Send Home Date: August 17th

This is a repeat of an excellent litter, Luna consistently produces progeny with outgoing and confident temperaments, medium energy levels, and a good balance of social, food, and toy drive to make training fun and easy.   These puppies should make excellent companions for active families and those with an interest in training.

Expecting medium to upper medium size dogs with strong bone and rich pigment.   We are expecting solid black and black factored black and red (bi color).   Puppies will be DM clear by parentage.

The theme for call names for this litter is national parks, huge thanks to our FB page followers for helping us choose  theme and voting on call names for the Luna’s puppies.

You can find daily updates, photos, and watch the puppies work through our training, socialization, and Puppy Culture protocols on our Facebook Page!