Current Litter: December 2022

If you are interested in a puppy please check out our blogs about living with the German Shepherd Dog, Puppy Fever: 5 Things you Absolutely Need To Know BEFORE you contact a breeder blog and our Puppy Purchase Process page and then Contact Us to inquire.

S Litter: Frankeigh x J’Eyleen
Born: December 12, 2022
Send Home Date: Ready now for pick up at our home, or meeting in route. No airline travel is available.

Males: 1 Black Factored Sable Male,
Tahoe von der burg Austerlitz, is available.

Tahoe is a beautiful male with rich pigment, strong bone, and very good structure. He is suitable for an active companion home with or without an interest in hobby sport. Tahoe is great in the crate, has been raised in our home, is well socialized with dogs and people, and is ready for his new family.

Contact us to start the application process. Serious Enquiries only! Be sure to visit our Facebook Page for tons of photos and videos!

2022 Puppy Price: $3000

Bring home a healthy, well adjusted, puppy that has been professionally prepared to join your family! Just look at all you get when you bring home one of our puppies.

1. All puppies are raised using Puppy Culture protocols by our expert team of professional trainers, ensuring they are confident, well adjusted, and prepared to start life with your family.

Your puppy will have the tremendous benefit of being raised using Puppy Culture protocols and a copy of the film, Puppy Culture The Powerful First 12 Weeks is included in your puppy pack so you can continue our work when you take your puppy home.    You can learn about Puppy Culture here. 

2. All puppies have crate training started (and most sleep through the night from day 1) using our own Crate Conditioning for Puppies: An incremental approach (UPDATE 2019) techniques and each puppy family gets a complementary enrollment in our Course: Crate School: Confident Crating. Early crate work focuses on ensuring puppies have confident and positive feelings about being confined and our puppies go home with useful crate skills. Almost all puppies sleep through the night from night one in their new home!

3. All puppies receive cleanliness training using our own Poop School: Litter Box Basics For Breeders and Fosters techniques and each puppy family gets a complementary membership in our house training course Poop School: House Training Basics So you can continue our cleanliness training as house training once your puppy is home. Cleanliness training means our puppies are very easy to house train and most never have accidents inside (when their new family follows our house training protocol).

4. All puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club we pay the cost of registration and your registration certificate will be mailed to your home by the AKC (all puppies are placed on AKC Limited Registration) you don’t need to do a thing

5. All puppies are microchipped by our veterinarian during their well puppy check up with an AKC Reunite Chip and we pay and enroll your puppy for Lifetime Enrollment.   All you need to do is keep your listed contact information updated, we’ve taken care of rest!

6. A healthy puppy.  We take health care very seriously and work hard to produce the healthiest puppies possible.   Puppies are fed a diet that meets or exceeds WSAVA Guidelines (Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy), vaccinated in accordance with AAHA Guidelines, receive a Well Puppy Check by our veterinarian prior to leaving for your home.

7. Complementary Health Insurance:  We provide two 30 day complementary pet insurance plans with your puppy.  The first is included with your AKC Registration and you will activate this via an e-mail sent to you from the AKC.   The second is via Trupanion’s Breeder Program and you will receive activation instructions in your puppy health packet.   Each policy is slightly different and will help protect your puppy in case of accident or certain illnesses that might occur in the first month in your home.

8. Lifetime of Support and Community:  Once you have a puppy from our program you enjoy all the support, guidance, and community we can offer.  We have built a strong community of FaceBook Groups to help you succeed with your new puppy and connect with other Austerlitz Families.   These include: a 6 month membership in Poop School House Training Basics, a 6 month membership in Crate School: Confident Crating, lifetime membership in our general subject GSD group, the German Shepherd Dog Network, Pandemic Puppy Raising Support Group, and our Austerlitz German Shepherds Kennel Group.  We will also do a private group for each litter, so we can provide real time transition support and guidance after you pick your puppy up.

9. Our Amazing and Audacious Austerlitz Puppy Jump Start Kit, to help you get your puppy off to the best start possible.

1. DVD or VOD: Puppy Culture the Powerful first 12 Weeks.
2. Book: When Pigs Fly: Training Success with Impossible Dogs
3. Austerlitz Shepherds Complete Health and Training Record
4. AKC and Trupanion: Pet Safety Booklets
5. 1 Cup Dog Food Scoop
6. Clicker with wrist coil
7. Puppy Training Treats
8. Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy (enough for 1 week)
9. Poop Bags (1 roll and holder)
10. Puppy Culture Swag Bag
11. Small Magic Mat (for settle down training)
12. Booklet: Puppy Fitness that Fits the Puppy
13. Booklet: Spay and Neuter Considerations
14. Familiar scented toy.
15. Snuffle mat and an assortment of high value chews and pacifiers.

10. All the care and support a legacy preservation breeder of over 30 years experience can provide.   We care about our puppies AND our clients.   We will do our best to provide a lifetime of support, community, and guidance.