Males are the flagship of any breeding program. Here at Austerlitz German Shepherd Dogs it is no different. Our males are of the highest quality, and possess the most outstanding merits of the breed:

  • robust health,
  • confident temperament,
  • high intelligence,
  • high trainability,
  • beautiful structure.

Our males also possess those more elusive, masculine traits, such as:

  • pronounced masculinity,
  • powerful bone,
  • rich pigment,
  • strong character.

Of course, our males come only from the best German bloodlines, to ensure that they pass their outstanding merits on to their progeny. The dogs shown above are for our breeding males, our current training and showing prospects, and our retired males. We plan each of our litters carefully and are proud to train and show the puppies we keep. Accordingly, the majority of our males are bred by us, and are representative of our breeding program.

Bronte z Rodina Straze

Kiro vom haus Vierra

Frankeigh von der burg Austerlitz

Dryker von Wilendorf