Puppy Purchase Process


We are always looking for the best homes for our German Shepherd puppies,  with owners who will be as dedicated to their dog’s health and happiness as we are.   When you add an Austerlitz Shepherd to your home, you become part of our extended “Austerlitz Family” with all the support and community that entails.  As dedicated breeders of German Shepherds we look forward to getting to know you!

First, a little bit about us.

We are preservation breeders of the German Shepherd Dog for over 25 years, with a combined experience in the breed of of over 75 years.  To learn more about us visit our Meet The Breeders Page.

Susanne Shelton is proud to be an AKC Breeder Of Merit, and a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

Health testing recommended by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (via the parent club) for the German Shepherd Dog (hips, elbows, plus optional testing for degenerative mylopothy and cardiac screening)

All puppies are home raised, using the Gold Standard Puppy Culture protocols, by full time caregivers/puppy raising experts Susanne Shelton BOM CPDT-KA and Rebecca Pinkston.  Puppies never lack for socialization, training, or wellness  care with out team of full time caregivers ensuring every puppy has everything it needs to grow into a confident, healthy, well adjusted companion.  

Healthy puppies are a priority! All puppies are weaned onto Purina Pro Plan Sport 30/20.   Puppies are vaccinated in accordance with AVMA and AAHA guidelines and have all recommended preventive health care.  All puppies have a Well Puppy Examination by our veterinarian who also implants each puppy with an AKC Reunite microchip (we pay the lifetime enrollment fee for you, all you need to do is update your puppies photo and contact information)

Get a free Initial Exam for your puppy at any VCA vet with this coupon, your AKC registration will also include a Veterinary Network Coupon good for a free initial exam at member veterinarians in your area.

Puppies leave for home the first Saturday after their 9 week birthday, while this is a little bit later than most breeders these extra few days with us have enormous benefits for your puppy’s long term behavioral health.   On Puppy Pick Up Day we provide you with our Passionate Puppy Raising Seminar for free, this 4 hour seminar is jam packed with information to help you, and your puppy, have the very best start in life.   

Here is how the process works!  

Like all responsible breeders we care deeply about the long term happiness and welfare of every dog we produce.  What sets us apart from from many breeders is our expertise in working with both dogs and humans, and our knowledge of how to make the best match for each puppy and client.  

But we can’t know if a dog from our program is a potentially a good match for your unique situation, lifestyle, family, and overall needs until we get to know you a little bit better!   .

2020 Puppy Price: $2500

Note:  We only send out new client questionnaires and interview new clients after we have a confirmed pregnancy and only for that litter.  If you would like to submit a New Client Application for a puppy please wait until we release our pregnancy confirmation to request one.   For real time updates on everything Austerlitz please follow us on Facebook.  

  1. We get to know you, and you get to know us:   Upon your request we will send you our New Client Questionnaire please complete this together with your entire family’s input.   This is the first, and most important step in the application process.   We will be learning about your family to see if your needs fit with the physical and behavioral traits expected in our puppies.   Please be aware, not everyone who completes the application end up getting a puppy from our program, this is in no way a judgement on you or your family!
  2. Phone or Video Chat:  When we have a litter born that is of interest to you and in the right timing for your family AND there are slots available we will schedule a video chat with you.  This gives us a chance to talk to you about what we expect in the puppies and gives you a chance to ask us questions.
  3. Be added to a litter wait list:  A litter wait list is where we place all approved families for a particular litter.   This list represents your commitment to purchasing a puppy from that litter.
  4. Place a holding fee: Once a litter occurs that is in just the right time for your needs, and there is a born puppy that will be a good fit for your needs we MAY request a holding fee of $500 to reserve that puppy for you.  The holding fee is credited to the purchase price of your puppy.
  5. Follow Along:  Once you have placed a holding fee (if one is requested) you will be sent your copy of Puppy Culture so you can follow along with our puppy raising work.   We post photos and videos of our work regularly on our FB page.
  6. Attend a Puppy Party:  If you are close enough to Tulsa you are invited to attend your puppy’s Puppy Party.  These are days we set aside to socialize and train our puppies with novel people.  It’s extremely important that puppies are socialized from an early age, and we take this work seriously.   Professional trainers attend our puppy parties and you will receive coaching as you help train and socialize your puppy and the entire litter.   You will get to meet other Austerlitz Shepherds owners, trainers, and ask questions, build community, and have fun while investing in important socialization for your puppy.
  7. Pick up your puppy: Puppies are picked up on the first Saturday after they turn 9 weeks old. Please budget 4 hours on pick up day to attend our Passionate Puppy Raising Seminar.   The balance of  $2000 (Puppy price of $2500 – Holding fee of $500) is due in cash ON THIS DAY.   If you wish to pay your balance by personal check, cashiers check, or postal money order this MUST be done a minimum of 2 weeks prior to Pick Up day and by prior arrangement.   

While this process may seem long and detailed, our experience has found this process is the most effective way we can ALL do our very best to ensure that every puppy finds, not just a good home, but the best home possible.    We care deeply about the long term happiness and welfare of our dogs, and also the happiness of every single family that chooses our program.   

Our commitment to our puppies extends for their lifetime, we are always willing and able to take back any puppy we breed, or if you find yourself unable to care for your Austerlitz Shepherds we will help you find a loving home for that dog.   

A lifetime of support, advice, and education to every family in our extended Austerlitz Family.  We hope you’ll consider joining us, and choosing an Austerlitz Shepherd as your next German Shepherd Dog.