Available Adult Dogs

Older dogs are a great option if you are looking for a great companion but don’t have the time or inclination to do all that hard ”puppy” work!

Adult dogs are going to be well past the chewing, biting, and destruction phase. They are house trained, travel well, and once they have settled in to their new life are ready for new adventures with you!

To allow for a gradual transition to their new family, and to allow us the opportunity to fully support you and your new dog during the adjustment period, we give preference to local (within a 90 minute drive of Tulsa, Oklahoma) families in the placement of our adult dogs.

Note:  We do NOT place any dogs for breeding!  Please do not inquire after breeding dogs.  We do not broker dogs from Europe, so we do not keep an inventory dogs for sale.  

OUR Adult dogs are:

  • Raised with Puppy Culture
  • Have basic manners training (often more) done with positive reinforcement methods.
  • Current on standard health care: vaccinations, heartworm preventive, flea/tick preventive, etc.
  • House Trained and currently living in our home.
  • Crate trained.
  • Travel well in the car (crated)
  • Good with house mate dogs (unless otherwise noted).
  • Good with guests to our home (unless otherwise noted).
  • Come with complete health records.
  • Eating a high quality diet: Dog Chow Beef or Purina ONE Lamb and Rice
  • Adult dogs are priced between $0 and $1000 depending on age and other factors.
  • Children: Our adult dogs have not been raised with or lived with children, for this reason only homes with tweens or older, or adult only, are considered. Doesn’t mean the dog “isn’t good” with young children, just means older dogs are likely not the ideal dogs to bring into a home with children.
  • Cats: While we have cats they are very old and rarely interact with the dogs for this reason homes without cats are given preference. Doesn’t mean the dog might not be fine with cats, means we don’t know because our cats are so old the dogs don’t interact with them.
  • Other Dogs: Unless noted our dogs are used to hanging out, traveling, working, and playing with their dog friends. This does not mean they will get along smoothly with your dog. If your dog is accustomed to meeting and playing with adult dogs and is mannerly and socially skilled with other dogs the introduction/bonding process is most likely to succeed. If your current dog is NOT good with other dogs, or has trouble with meeting and bonding with dogs it’s better to start with a puppy. We are not going to place an adult dog into a home with a dog who has a history of dog focused aggression. We require those getting adult dogs to work with the dog-dog relationship specialists at Wise Mind Canine before, during, and after the transition/bonding phase.

Currently Available Dogs:

Kiro is a 7 year old, healthy, active dog who is retired from breeding and sport and is looking for a home with friendly female dogs who will play nicely with him but who can keep up with him too. Kiro is very good with his dog friends and he enjoys playing with playful dogs. Kiro is good in the house, travels well, and enjoys doing everything with, or without a dog friend. Kiro is a cheerful dog, very playful, mannerly, and he is an excellent companion.

Andeigh: Andeigh is a 7 year old healthy, active, and playful female dog looking for a loving retirement home. No cats because Andeigh plays way to rough for cats to enjoy her company. Andeigh has raised her puppies and don’t quite a bit of class demo dog work and she is looking for a home just for herself, no other dogs. Andeigh loves playing, training, and going on walks but she’s just as happy to hang around the house. She’s a very pleasant and enjoyable companion.

Client Dogs In Need of New Homes:

Occasionally those who have purchased puppies from us need to find new homes for their dogs. Life changes, death, divorce, all manner of things can result in an adult dog needing to find a new home. To support our clients we will list those dogs here if they are still living in their current home. If they must be returned to us they will move up and be listed under Our Dogs.

No client dogs in need of new homes at this time!