Planned Breedings: 2021

Please note!  A planned breeding is a breeding we hope to make but there is no guarantee a litter of puppies will result. Plans can change, a dog may not be available for breeding, the female may not come into heat on schedule, or she may fail to conceive despite our best efforts.

This list may change based on these, and other factors.

Please see each dogs individual page for health testing, pedigree, and more information.

4 weeks after breeding the female will be taken for a pregnancy ultrasound and well-mother check up with our reproductive specialist  Dr. Patrick Grogan DVM if she is confirmed pregnant her Breeding Announcement will be changed to an Upcoming Litter and we may begin accepting holding fees, and compiling a wait list from approved families.   To learn how to purchase a puppy from our program please visit our Puppy Purchase Process

Note:  We are not accepting new client applicants until early 2021. If you would like to be considered for a puppy from our program please wait to request a questionnaire until that time , contact us

Planned Breedings: February 2021

Andeigh will be bred to Kiro early 2021. We will start interviewing families for Andeigh’s puppies after we know if she is pregnant and have a preliminary puppy count.