Planned Breedings

Below are a list of planned breedings for the first half of 2018.

Please note!  A planned breeding is a breeding we hope to make but there is no guarantee a litter of puppies will result. Plans can change, a dog may not be available for breeding, the female may not come into heat on schedule, or she may fail to conceive despite our best efforts.

This list may change based on these, and other factors.

Please see each dogs individual page for health testing, pedigree, and more information.

Once a female has been bred, her planned breeding will be moved to it’s own page with more details, a three generation pedigree, and regular updates.

If you would like to be placed on the waiting list for a puppy from our program, please enquire!




Anticipated breeding date: May 2018
Anticipated send home date: Sept/Oct 2018

Sire: Icarus von der burg Austerlitz OFA
Urban von der burg Austerlitz OFA



                  H Litter

Anticipated breeding month: June 2018
Anticipated send home month: October 2018

Sire: Percy von der burg Austerlitz OFA
Dam: Luna von der burg Austerltiz OFA Bh IPO1