Planned Breedings 2022

Please note!  A planned breeding is a breeding we hope to make but there is no guarantee a litter of puppies will result. Plans can change, a dog may not be available for breeding, the female may not come into heat on schedule, or she may fail to conceive despite our best efforts, due to these factors this list may change

Important: Because these are planned breedings it’s possible we may substitute one male for a different male based on conditions ”on the ground” at the time such as breeding schedules, current fertility tests, stud dog availability, even weather conditions and shipping concerns can affect the choice of male. We will update as we know.

Possible Substitutions under consideration right now include:
We may substitute males for Lasha’s breedings.

Please see each dogs individual page for health testing, pedigree, and more information.

Late- Summer 2022 Breeding:
Bred: August 4, 2022
Pregnancy Ultrasound: End of August
Anticipated Due Date: Second Week of October
Anticipated Send Home Date: Third Week of December
General Wait List Open Now!
Sire: Frankeigh von der burg Austerlitz OFA
Dam: Iveigh von der burg Austerlitz OFA
Color: Black and Red: Bi Color and Blanket markings.
Coat: Stock coat and Long Stock coat possible.
Notes: Repeat breeding. Beautiful, medium size, happy and affectionate dogs with great potential for hobby sport, adventure buddies, and companions for active families

Late Summer 2022 * We may substitute the black and red male, Quest v Nummer Eins for Frankeigh!
Sire: Frankeigh von der burg Austerlitz TKN BCAT CAT OFA
Dam: Lasha vom Eisernen Kreuz OFA
Breeding Date: August
Anticipated Whelping Date: October
Anticipated Send Home Date: January 2023
Possible Color: Solid Black only
Possible Coat: Stock Coat only
Expected Traits: Repeat of a very successful breeding. Expecting another litter of environmentally confident, human and dog social, outgoing and social puppies suitable for active companion, adventure buddies, and hobby sport dogs. Correct medium size, correct and athletic structure free of extremes, lstrong (but not heavy) bone, and beautiful breed type.

Winter 2022 Breeding:
Due in Heat: December 2022
Colors: Black factored black and tan, black factored sable
Coat: Stock Coat
Notes: Expecting beautiful dogs with great color, upper medium size, with sweet and affectionate temperament, family oriented, light and easy to train dogs with an abundance of social, toy, and play drives, medium food drive. Outstanding prospects for adventure buddies, companions for active families, and hobby sport.
Sire: Frankeigh von der burg Austerlitz OFA
Dam: J’Eyleen von der burg Austerlitz OFA

Winter 2023 Planned Breeding
Sire: Frankeigh von der burg Austerlitz TKN BCAT CAT OFA
Dam: Andeigh von der burg Austerlitz CGC TKN OFA
Anticipated Breeding Date: January 2023
Anticipated Whelping Date:
Anticipated Send Home Date:
Possible Colors: Black and red in both saddle and blanket markings
Possible Coat: Stock Coat
Expected Traits: We are expecting environmentally confident, dog and people social puppies with strong play and good food drives suitable for active companions, adventure buddies, and hobby sport with upper medium size, correct and moderate structure, highly athletic, with strong (but not heavy) bone and rich pigment.