Andeigh von der burg Austerlitz CGC TKN OFA

Hips: OFA GS-100650G30F-VPI Good
Elbows: OFA GS-39155F30-VPI Normal
Cardiac: OFA GS-CA1971/30F/P-VPI Normal
DM: Clear By Parentage

CGC: AKC Canine Good Citizen
TKN: AKC Trick Dog Novice

Andeigh’s Pedigree
Andeigh’s OFA
Andeigh’s Embark Results

Line Breeding:
Ursus von Batu (5-5)

Andeigh is an outgoing and vivacious dog, her pedigree spans 5 generations to our foundation female (and Susanne’s first German Shepherd) Quinta von Westfork SchH1 CGC HIC AD KKl OFA.  This line to Quinta v Westfork makes Andeigh special indeed.

Always happy and cheerful Andeigh is a fun and easy dog to live with, she is excellent in the house, travels well, and loves to help as a demo dog in our training classes.  Andeigh is good with her housemates (a mixture of adult female German Shepherds, a mix breed, and a grumpy poodle) and loves to chase squirrels with her sisters and mother.    Andeigh has correct breed temperament, she is confident and sociable in public without being gregarious with strangers.   With her friends and family she is loving, playful, and always ready for a bit of mischief.

And is a medium/high energy dog who loves to play when play is appropriate, and who settles calmly when it’s not.   She is an easy dog to train, working well for food, toy, and social interaction.

Andeigh is richly pigmented female of upper medium size, with a strong and expressive feminine head, good withers,  a firm and level topline, and a croup of good angle and length.   She is correct in the front, has very good depth of chest, and a long underline.   Her angulation front and rear are very good, she is firm, and has a powerful gait free of looseness or excess.

Andeigh’s pedigree features modern German show lines on her sire side, stemming from her highly titled sire V-U CH Alta Tollhaus Bono SchH1 T1 FO PA CL-1-R ND UNJCH UJJ U-CAX FDCH-S TFE-2 HIT TT CGC OFA and going to VA Quenn, World Seiger Ursus, VA Esko, VA Kevin, and World Seiger Jeck.

Through her dam, Quinta von der burg Austerltiz OFA you will find many pillars of our breeding program, through her sire Brego  you will find V1 (LGZS) V (USASS) Dryker (VA Jade, VA Solo),  SG 1 Frisco von der burg Austerlitz Bh Wh OB1 AD HIC OFA and his dam our foundation female Quinta von Westfork.   You will also find a touch of DDR through Primo v Spezialblut SchH1 OFA (Ch Neuman’s Jim son) and a close up line to Monti v Waldhang SchH1 Bh OFA (BSP Bandit, BSP Gildo, BSP Fanta, BSP Boy and BSP Troll)

Of special interest to our program, as we always love to build on outstanding females, are three BundesSieger competitors,  BSP and V BSZS Babsy v. Roten Feld, BSP Fanta v. Haus Westfalen-Stolz, and BSP Juma v Petze.

Andeigh’s Pictures.

Baby Andeigh.
Andeigh settling.
Andeigh (left) and Zap (right) before training class.
Andeigh at 2 years.
Andeigh loves playing fetch.