Omen von der burg Austerlitz

Hips: OFA GS-87476G24F-VPI, Good
Elbows: OFA GS-27982F24-VPI, Normal
Heart: OFA GS-CA994/24/P- VPI Normal
DM DNA: OFA GS-DM3952/46F-VPI-Normal

SG Pyro von der burg Austerlitz Bh AD HIC OFA SG Hasso v.d. burg Austerlitz Bh Wh SchHA AD HIC OFA "a" SG *Esko vom Black Star SchH3 "a" OFA
SG *Indeigh vom Spezialblut SchH1 OFA
*Eyleen v.d. Kaffeetwiete SchH1 KKL-2 "a" V *Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich SchH3 FH "a"
*Dorle vom Milchborntal SchH3 IP3 "a"
SG Lucy von der burg Austerlitz Bh AD HIC CGC OFA VA *Cash vom Wildsteiger Land SchH3 "a" VA *Jack vom Trienzbachtal SchH3 "a"
V *Belli vom Wildsteiger Land SchH1 "a"
V *Gibsy vom Wiesenborn SchH2 "a" V *Eros von der Luisenstraße SchH3 "a"
VA *Jola vom Wiesenborn SchH2 "a"
Whelped: November 25, 2010. Breeder: Susanne Shelton.

Line Breeding:

Omen is a beautiful black factored, black and red female from the third and final repeat of our wonderful Pyro X Lucy breeding. Dogs from this litter, the oldest of which are now 5 years, are consistantly beautiful and healthy dogs with a natural attentiveness that makes them delightful to train and live with. Typical for her bloodlines, Omen is a happy, high energy, and upbeat dog who loves nothing more than working and spending time with with her master. She has plentiful food, toy, and social drives so she is very easy to train. Omen is only too eager to please and we are looking forward to competing with her.

Omen is a daughter of our lovely SG Lucy v. d. burg Austerlitz Bh AD CGC OFA CERF (a VA Cash WildsteigerLand Daughter). She is sired by our top producing, Pyro v. d. burg Austerlitz Bh AD HIC OFA (a son of SG Hasso v. d. burg Austerlitz Bh SchHA HIC OFA). Omen’s pedigree features some of our programs best producers as well as many of Germany’s best producers and breeders. Omen is a diverse mix of Germany’s finest bloodlines, including top working, show, and East German lines.

Omen has very correct structure, devoid of any of the extremes seen in modern American and German show lines. She is correctly sized with strong bone, rich pigment, and a very expressive feminine head. Omen is a natural athlete, very agile, and powerful and she excels at all things athletic!