Sadly, the German Shepherds Dog is a breed often selected by irresponsible breeders. These breeders, either through ignorance or greed, produce more dogs then the GSD market can handle. Since they either do not, or don’t know how to, screen buyers their puppies are often placed in inappropriate homes. Sadly, these poor dogs are very often in need of rescue. In the Tulsa metro area alone many GSDs can be found in the local pounds at any given time and many more are abandoned on the streets.

There is only one reason these irresponsible breeders continue to produce low quality, often unwanted, puppies. The single reason puppy mills of all types continue is the unfortunate fact that people continue to purchase these puppies and thus subsidize the suffering caused by these poor breeders. Only the dog buying public has the power to end this type of breeding When you only consider reputable breeders dedicated to the protection and promotion of their breed when you select your puppy you are helping to put an end to poor breeders.

If, due to budgetary constraints, you cannot afford to purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder please, please, consider a German Shepherd rescue. You will be getting a dog of the same quality as those offered by the low cost breeder, but instead of being part of the problem you will be part of the solution. You choices do matter!

We at Austerlitz Shepherds love all GSDs, not only our own. In an attempt to help we occasionally rescue GSDs in dogs in need of help.

Please consider offering one of these needy dogs a forever home. All dogs and puppies offered on our rescue page are fostered in loving homes, with experienced trainers, dedicated to providing these dogs with the foundation training they may have missed in their previous situation. All rescue dogs work on house training, crate training, and basic manners, please inquire to the foster trainer concerning additional training a dog may be receiving. All rescue dogs offered here are current on vaccinations, heartworm preventive, worming, and are spayed or neutered. Adoption fees are minimal considering the health care and training these dogs receive.