Icarus von der burg Austerlitz

Hips: OFA GS-86443F33M-VPI, Fair
Elbows: OFA GS-EL26230M25-VPI, Normal
Heart: OFA GS-CA806/25M/P- VPI Normal
DM: GS-DM3951/62M-VPI Normal (N/N)

V *E.T. von Sendling SchH3 "a" V *Vantor von Batu SchH3 "a" VA *Ursus von Batu SchH3 "a"
V *Ziwa von Batu SchH3 "a"
V *Yeti v.d. Wiedenstraße SchH1 "a" V *Harto von Sendling SchH3 "a"
V *Askona v.d. Wiedenstraße SchH1 "a"
SG Lucy von der burg Austerlitz Bh AD HIC CGC OFA VA *Cash vom Wildsteiger Land SchH3 "a" VA *Jack vom Trienzbachtal SchH3 "a"
V *Belli vom Wildsteiger Land SchH1 "a"
V *Gibsy vom Wiesenborn SchH2 "a" V *Eros von der Luisenstraße SchH3 "a"
VA *Jola vom Wiesenborn SchH2 "a"
Whelped: July 1, 2009. Breeder: Susanne Shelton.

Line Breeding:

Icarus is a beautiful black and red male sired by the German Import V E.T. von Sendling SchH 3 Kkl 1 “a” ( a grandson of world Sieger Ursus V. Batu SchH 3) and out of one of our favorites SG 1 Lucy v. d. burg Austerlitz Bh AD HIC ( a daughter of Vize World Sieger Cash v. WildsteigerLand SchH 3 and the much missed V1 Gibsy v. Wiesenborn SchH2). Icarus has a pedigree that is a powerful blend of the best producers of both classic and modern German show lines yet he is free of any of the excessive body traits currently in favor.

With his correct structure, powerful movement, and masculine head Icarus is a beautiful dog but he is more than just another pretty dog, he has strong character, is outgoing and social, and a very high work ethic. Like all our dogs he is easy to train being a quick and willing student.

Like his dam, Lucy, Icarus is a happy dog who enjoys the company of his family. He has more than enough toy and food drive to make him fun and pleasant to play with and train without any extremes of drive or temperament.